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24hrs (Assisted Living Homes 3-4 beds and Cbrf 50 bed)

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We Make Care Highly Accessible


Age often comes with conditions that can affect health, comfort, and safety, which is why high-grade and quality care services are crucial as you go through your golden years. And yes, quality care is, in fact, a necessity for seniors as it helps improve quality of life, as well as maximize comfort.

However, to make senior care more effective, it has to be accessible, which is why here at Cache’ James Better Living LLC, we make care accessible to ensure your health and make your life easier.

We understand that a senior’s need for quality care does not end on weekends, holidays, or when the clock strikes six, so we ensure that our care providers are always ready to be of assistance and our services are always within your reach. Our assisted living homes in Wisconsin also provide 24/7 supervision and assistance to provide you with an extra layer of safety as you move around and enjoy your senior years.

We also offer and provide companionship care to help beat loneliness, feelings of isolation, and the stress that often comes with these negative feelings, so with us, rest assured that your mental health is also in good hands.

Enjoy and experience accessible care and improve your quality of life with our adult family homes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin today!


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