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Simple Ways to Avoid Late Medication Intake


Life took a drastic turn for patients after learning their health was compromised. With health as the greatest wealth, this is understandable. That is why patients in assisted living homes in Wisconsin want to recover as soon as possible. Patients will do whatever it takes to get peace of mind concerning their well-being wherever they are.

Patients rely on various healthcare supplies and services as they recuperate. On top of the list are medications. Since these have been specially formulated for health improvement, they positively impact the patient’s health. It’s of the utmost importance for them to maintain medication safety. That can be achieved through proper medication management.

Maximizing medication efficacy is equally important as medication safety. Ideally, patients must make the most of their medications. The most efficient way for them to achieve this is by constantly adhering to the medication intake schedule. Unfortunately, some patients struggle when it comes to this. A majority of them are seniors. The good news is there are simple solutions to this dilemma. Aside from hiring companionship care, here are other things that patients can do to ensure timely medication intake:

  • Set alarms.
  • Create a checklist.
  • Let someone else remind you.
  • Download medication reminder apps.
  • Place the pillbox in easy-to-spot areas.

Always take your meds on time!

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